neděle 2. února 2014

Three specials

Dear readers, thank you very much for joining the club. There is already one hundred members and we were very suprised how quickly was that number rising. We already have several ideas how to thank you for being part of this. Tea samples, free cups with your club order and more. For now, three special pieces...

We had another firing with kiln opening last week. It was actually first firing of this year and we are eager to share new "the best of" selection with you. In around a week it will be out and you will be noticed via email. Today three special pieces are not from this firing...

Forgotten in the ash...

First one is small teapot, unglazed, rough clay with three bark surface. This pot was actually really "forgotten in ash". I found it in kiln when I was preparing it for last week firing. As some of you know, there is a kiln area which we use for special "charcoal effects". Some of you might be aware of this technique: When reaching the top temperature, we pull out few bricks from kiln door and  cover white hot pots with charcoal. Strong, local reduction creates warm, natural effects. Some pieces loves it...This small teapot was in this area waiting for more than month from last firing. Covered with charcoal ash, hided behind kiln stand...And I was still wondering what happened to this kid.

Description: Stoneware teapot, unglazed, fired in charcoal part of the kiln to around 1250°C
Size: It can hold 75ml
Price: 55usd


You will find more picutres here

Gem number eight- Rusty Morning

For those who follow my original blog regularly is Gem Collection well known. When I post new piece for this collection, they are usually reserved very quickly. Applicants are patiently waiting for almost year before I contact them to arrange the shipping to pots new home. Thanks to all of you who take a part! This Gem n.8 was ready to meet its new owner several months back. But the bidder still has not called for it. I decided to offer it here. Is anyone interested?

The original post, and pictures are here 

Description: Stoneware teapot, unglazed outside with white glaze inside, fired in charcoal part of the kiln to around 1250°C
Size: It can hold 260ml
Price: 60usd



When you are a potter, then kiln opening is always full of excitements. When bigger piece not only survive The Fire but The Fire lift them up, we feel blessed. And this teaboat is the case. Mirka has played with layers of shino glaze, different hues of brown- red, soft and fine twilight like colors. It is very difficult take pictures to make it justice, at least for us. With such big, flat pieces we always have this problem. Nevertheless, we decided to make another page of this blog, dedicated just for available teaboats. First one is already there...

Description: Stoneware teaboat, black slip glaze inside and shino glaze outside, wood fired to around 1280°C
Size: 52*28cm
Price: 190usd

Thank you for reading!

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