Pots and Tea Club is online space opened as a soul mate of my original Pots and Tea blog. It was opened in order to keep alive connection with our customers and tea ware enthusiasts. It allows me to create simple presentations of new pieces from last firings. It allows those, who like our new tea ware, to buy it directly from us.

With membership in this club some benefits follow up:

-you are going to be notified via email, when anything new will come up
-you can ask any tea ware related question directly
-there will be some tea and tea ralated gifts along with purchase
-there will be one time events/offers going only through this club
-I will post here when any e-shops I work with will update their menu
...and in time, hopefully much more.

How it works?

I would like to try keep this blog/club open just for "registered" members. So if you are interested to be in, please send me an email with your "I want to be in wish" to keramikakcajiATgmail.com. Then I will send you an invitation to that Pots and Tea Club blog.

Note when getting the invitation:
To be able to enter blog you have to log to Google. If you have any google account linked to your email then it is no problem. If you have not, then you will be ask to create one. You dont have to use gmail , it should work with any email service you use. This conditions come with the blogger and I hope it will not bring too much trouble

If you will have any problems or complications when being part of this project please let me know. Any comment can help us to improve what we are building here. Thank you.

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